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NFA Gun Trust Restatement

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NFA Gun Trust Restatement - Approved for use in all 50 States

This product is delivered online.  

Before we send you your restated NFA Gun Trust, we will need your current NFA Gun Trust.  The restatement of your NFA Gun Trust, changes the terms of the trust and updates your NFA Gun Trust to the most current ATF standards regulations and legal regulations.  All of the NFA Firearms that were purchased using the original trust will still be in the NFA Gun Trust after your NFA Gun Trust was restated.  Not all NFA Gun Trusts need to be restated. Many NFA Gun Trusts can be amended to become compliant.  The restatement of your NFA Gun Trust can take an outdated and non-ATF 41F compliant trust and restate the NFA Gun Trust to be ATF 41F compliant. 

 All of our NFA Gun Trusts Include the following:

  • Usable and Approved for use in all 50 States and State Specific.
  • Multiple Trustees, Multiple Beneficiaries.
  • NFA Gun Trusts Amendments are included to add/remove co-trustees, etc.
  • 12 Month NFA Gun Trusts Approval Guarantee.
  • FREE Walk-Through Guides for ATF Paperwork * See Below
  • No CLEO Signatures Required
  • Can be used for non-NFA item collections too.
  • NFA Gun Trusts are ATF 41F Compliant
  • Customer Support via Email or Phone

Reasons why you would want to get your NFA Gun Trust restated:

  • Your NFA Gun Trust is not ATF 41F complaint.  This includes, allowing your successor trustee and beneficiaries to use, possess, transport and store your NFA Firearms.  If your current NFA Gun Trust names the the successor trustee and the beneficiaries to be responsible persons in your NFA Gun Trust, they will then be required to comply with the current ATF requirements of a responsible person.  This means that they are required to submit the ATF 5320.23 paperwork, fingerprint cards and a passport photo.  A restatement of your current NFA Gun Trust will fix this issue. 
  • You are a settlor to the trust, but not considered to be a trustee to your own NFA Gun Trust.
  • Your NFA Gun Trust didn't require co-trustees to sign, notarize and acknowledge that the co-trustee accepts responsibilities laid out within your NFA Gun Trust. 
  • Your NFA Gun Trust doesn't speak to any of the required ATF regulations and language. 
  • Your NFA Gun Trust is written in a way to not allow you to amend your NFA Gun Trust.  This can pose problems in the future, as you aren't able to amend your trust with new co-trustees, etc. 
  • Your NFA Gun Trust includes a "Schedule A" or a page that contains your NFA Gun Trust contents that is required to be sent to the ATF.  This can be troublesome when this information is available to everyone that you are required to submit your NFA Gun Trust too, this includes: your class 3 dealer, the ATF, etc.  We can eliminate this with a restatement of your NFA Gun Trust.
  • Your NFA Gun Trust limits the amount of beneficiaries that you can name. 

Description of NFA Gun Trust ADD-On Services: 

Mailed Copy of your Trust:  Receive a printed hardcopy of your trust.  This is delivered within 2 to 3 business days to you.   

Mailed Trust with Lamination:  Receive a printed hardcopy of your restated NFA Gun Trust that is laminated.  This is delivered within 2 to 3 business days to you after receiving your scanned notarized and dated trust.  This is an essential add-on in our eyes, as you will need a copy of your trust to take with you when you go the range, travel, etc.  Why not ensure your trust will last as long as your NFA item will?

Professional NFA Gun Trust Binder with Laminated Trust: Protecting and keeping your NFA Gun Trust is very important.  We recommend to not only have your NFA Gun Trust laminated to protect it from the elements when you are you using the contents of your NFA Gun Trust, but to also protect your NFA Gun Trust and ATF Approved Tax Stamps that you keep in your safe.  This is the perfect product to help keep everything that your NFA Gun Trust owns organized and in one safe and protected binder.  Do yourself and your successor trustee a favor with this professional NFA Gun Trust binder package for your NFA Gun Trust. 

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