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NFA Gun Trusts don't have to be confusing and considered foreign territory.  We can help you with all your NFA Gun Trust questions and your ATF questions.  

Do you have questions about our ATF Approved and ATF compliant legal NFA Gun Trusts?  Do you have any questions about NFA Gun Trusts and the process involved in buying and establishing a NFA Gun Trust?  We can help you.  You can fill out the form below below or by email us here National Gun Trusts with your NFA Gun Trust questions and ATF questions.  If you have purchased our NFA Gun Trust and have questions you can also use this form or the contact information below. 

Contact Us via Phone - 505-318-0098 or via Email at National Gun Trusts Email (

You can also find us on the Reddit NFA Subu/NationalGunTrusts