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LOKSAK aLOKSAK Element-Proof Storage Bag

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LOKSAK aLOKSAK Element-Proof Document Storage Bag for NFA Gun Trust Paperwork and ATF Approved Tax Stamp Paperwork

Protect your NFA Gun Trust paperwork, your ATF approved Tax Stamp paperwork, and any other paperwork that you need to keep safe wherever you are with the the LOKSAK aLOKSAK.  The aLOKSAK is an element-proof storage bag that prevents leakage and preserves items against damage from water, air, dust and humidity. These bags are made of a durable polyethylene blended film and are 100% water/air tight. They are considered disposable though, unlike other 100% water/air tight bags, they can be opened and resealed numerous times.  This can be used to protect your NFA Gun Trust paperwork, ATF Approved Tax Stamp(s) paperwork and more.


  • Hermetic Seal – An Absolute Airtight Seal Preventing the Re-entry or Release of Air and Micro-Organisms 
  • Made in the USA
  • Holds Five Patents
  • Protects Against Microscopic Particles like Dust and Sand
  • Recyclable and Reusable
  • All Touch Screen Electronics Work 100% While Protected in the aLOKSAK
  • Make and Receive Phone Calls While Phone is Protected in aLOKSAK
  • View LOKSAK aLOKSAK Element-Proof Storage Bag Product Flyer
  • Safely Protect your NFA Gun Trust Paperwork, ATF Approved Tax Stamp(s), and Any Other Paperwork that You Need to Protect. 

Size Options: 

  • LOKSAK aLOKSAK aLOKD2-12x12 - 2 qty - 12" x 12.5" bags  (30.5 x 31.8 cm)
  • LOKSAK aLOKSAK aLOKD2-13x11 - 2 qty - 13.5" x 11.50" bags (34.3 x 29.2 cm) 
  • LOKSAK aLOKSAK aLOKD3-LMP - Large Multi Pack - 1 qty of each of 12" x 12", 13" x 11", 16" x 24" 
  • LOKSAK aLOKSAK aLOKD2-12x48 - 2 qty - 12" x 48.50" bags  (30.5 x 123.8 cm)
  • LOKSAK aLOKSAK aLOKD2-16x24 - 2 qty - 16.25" x 24.75" bags  (41.3 x 62.9 cm) 

Technical Specifications:

  • FDA and NSA Approved Medical Grade Materials for Food and Biohazard Storage
  • Comprised of a 6 Mil Patent Protected New Generation
  • Dart Impact ASTM Method D-1709
    Typical Value:>650 grams
  • Tensile Strength ASTM Method D-882
    Typical Value: MD: 6,250 PSI/TD: 5,900 PSI
  • Waterproof Up to 200 Feet/60 Meters
  • Durable 6 Mil Film has a “Cold-Crack” Tolerance to
    -40F/-40 C, Far Lower than that of PVC or Vinyl
  • No BPA or Use of Any Harsh Chemicals