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Identicator Retabs - Fingerprint Reprint Labels

Identicator Retabs Correction Labels

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Identicator Retabs - Fingerprint Correction/Reprint Labels

ReTabs® are pressure-sensitive correcting labels used to replace unacceptable fingerprints on a fingerprint card. Simply roll a new print on the ReTab and affix it to the fingerprint card once an acceptable print has been taken.  To be used in conjunction with your FD-258 Fingerprint Cards if you have a made a mistake during the fingerprint process. 

Instructions: Remove a strip of labels from easy dispensing box. Roll finger until an acceptable impression is obtained. Then apply to card over bad print. No time wasted fighting to remove protective backing. 

  • Sold in Quantities of 10 Retabs, 20 Retabs, 50 Retabs or 100 Retabs. 
  • Box Not Included, only the Retabs themselves. 
  • OEM SKU - LE 42/500 LE-42 Retabs Correction Labels.