ATF Applications and eForms

You can file certain ATF Forms online using the ATF's eForms system.  The system is designed to applying for NFA Firearms easier, and more efficient for the ATF.  "The forms that can be filed relate to the importation of firearms, ammunition and implements of war; transactions with National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms; and the annual firearms manufacturing report."

Currently as of July 2017, the eForms that are available are: 

  • ATF Forms 2, 3, 6, 6A, 9, 10 and 5300.11 are available for eForms submission.

ATF Form 4's and ATF Form 1's typically are available through the eForm eFile system that ATF has implemented.  However, the ATF notes that the ATF Form 4's and ATF Form 1 eFile systems are "not in service at the present time, due to regulatory change implementation with no set date of restoration to service."

You can check the progress of the restoration or check to see which forms are supported at the present time here - ATF eForm's 

Descriptions of the current supported ATF eForms are below. 

Imports eForms:
  • Form 6, Application and Permit for Importation

    • Filed to request permission to import a firearm, ammunition or implement of war.

  • Form 6A, Release and Receipt of Imported Firearms, Ammunition and Implements of War

    • Filed by a Federally licensed importer subsequent to an approved Form 6 permit and presentation to CBP for the release and verification of the release of the items from Customs custody.

NFA eForms:

  • Form 2, Notice of Firearms Manufactured or Imported

    • Filed by a qualified manufacturer or importer to register NFA firearms manufactured or imported

  • Form 3, Application for Tax-Exempt Transfer of Firearms and Registration to Special (Occupational) Taxpayer (National Firearms Act)

    • Filed by a qualified Federal firearms licensee to transfer to another qualified federal firearms licensee

  • Form 9, Application and Permit for Permanent Exportation of Firearms

    • Filed by a qualified Federal firearms licensee for the exportation of NFA firearms

  • Form 10, Application for Registration of Firearms Acquired by Certain Governmental Entities

    • Filed by State or local government agencies to register unregistered NFA firearms they acquire and want to use for official business

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