ATF Distribution Center Reopens Operations after Relocation

Effective February 1st, 2019, the ATF Distribution Center Reopens Operations after Relocation.  During their move in late December 2018, the ATF Distribution Center closed to relocate to a new building.  Then the Federal Government shutdown, further deterring the reopening of the ATF Distribution Center. We have received official confirmation that the ATF Distribution Center has reopened.  All of the ATF Paperwork orders that you have placed between December 24th, 2018 and January 16th, 2019 should be leaving their warehouse.  We cannot estimate order ship times as they may have a backlog of orders.  If you are curious when your order will ship, you may need to call the ATF Distribution Center to see if your order has been pulled and shipped yet.  Their contact information is below.  Note that paperwork is free from the ATF Distribution Center, like FD-258 fingerprint cards, ATF Form 1, ATF Form 4 and ATF Form 5 paperwork.  However, their processing and shipping times can add a lead time of 7 to 20 business days to your order.  If you are looking for FD-258 fingerprint cards for you ATF paperwork and require faster shipping times, please check out our shop.  We also, carry on hand the ATF Form 1, ATF Form 4 and the ATF Form 5 physical forms that are free and ship same day to you. 

ATF Distribution Center Contact Information: 

Phone: (240) 828-5316

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