ATF eForm 1 Box 4j is Unchecked on approved ATF eForm 1

When applying for an ATF eForm 1 tax stamp you may notice that Box 4j. is unchecked if you use the ATF eForm 1 application.  This is correct and is not a cause for concern.  We reached out to the “Ask the Experts” about this and received the below response:

“If you are submitting a form for something other than a destructive device then this field is not active and not required.”

This means that it is normal for Box 4j. to be unchecked on your ATF eForm 1 application and shouldn't be checked if your are applying using the ATF Form 1 for anything other than a destructive device.  We have included Box 4j below for reference:

4j. Type of destructive device (check one box): Firearm Explosives (if the Explosives box is checked, complete item 5 and see instruction 2l)

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