ATF eForms ATF Rules of Behavior Reminder - January 2022

The ATF sent this email out to eForm users to remind the users of the rules of behavior for the ATF's eForm website. 

The ATF eForms rules of behavior expressly states that “the USERID, password, and PIN are to be used solely for personal use, or in connection with the performance of your work-related responsibilities as a bona fide employee if your responsibilities require the use of ATF’s eForms on behalf of a business entity. Use of your USERID, password, or PIN by anyone other than yourself is expressly prohibited.”

Further, the ATF eForms rules of behavior states that “a federal firearms licensee (FFL) cannot submit any eForm on behalf of a customer or another FFL where the customer or other FFL must have their own account.” This means that the submission of any ATF eForm must be made by the appropriate account holder. For example, an FFL may not submit an eForm 1 on behalf of a maker because the FFL is not the maker of the firearm. Similarly, an FFL cannot use another FFL’s eForms account to submit any eForm on behalf of the other FFL.  

Violations of the ATF eForms rules of behavior is considered a breach of system security and will result in ATF taking action against your ATF eForms account, up to and including account termination.

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