ATF eForms - eForm 2 Submission Requirement Email

During the last week (Week of February 26th) the ATF's eForm website has been offline and unavailable. The ATF's eForm site came back online on Friday March 1st. The ATF's eForm messaging system sent out a mass email indicating that recipients must submit ATF eForm 2's, by the close of next business day as required by 27 CFR 479.103. This can be confusing to a non-FFL eForm user. The ATF Form 2 - Form 2 - Notice of Firearms Manufactured or Imported (ATF Form 5320.2), is only used if you are an FFL. If you are not an FFL, you can disregard this email message and you will not need to submit an ATF eForm 2 for your already approved NFA firearms.

The email is shown below for reference:

ATF eForms - eForm 2 Submission Email

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