ATF eForms Enhancements Release - November 7th Update

ATF Enhancements to the eForm platform, Monday November 7th Update

In our efforts to create a better user experience and to increase security while adding greater functionality and efficiency to both users and administrators, the following enhancements will be deployed this evening.

Adding an Account Maintenance email address. All Users will be required to create a unique email address for account maintenance to operate the “forgot Password” and “forgot User ID” links. The Maintenance email must be different from the eForm Notification email where the User receives all communications regarding their DRAFT, Submitted, and Finalized applications, IF the Notification email is not unique. The User will be prompted at login should the profile require the Account Maintenance email address. This will not affect User profiles that already have a unique email address. 

Adding a new train-stop to the Form 4 for verification of the completed Application prior to payment and submission. The Transferor and Transferee will verify the application information prior to making the payment and submitting the application. Application information may be edited prior to payment. This functionality will be added to the other Forms in future deployments.

Adding the AR and I9 blocks to the Responsible Person train-stop of the Form 1 application when the Maker selects Nonimmigrant and/or NON-US citizen. The prior version only allowed the AR and I9 blocks when the Individual application option was selected.

Greater validation on the Applicant’s middle name, selection of Full, Initial, or No Middle Name and corresponding name entered.Previous submissions identified Users who selected “Full” or “Initial ONLY” middle name type but provided greater or less than middle name information (rejected by the FBI background). This new feature will prevent the user from providing middle name misinformation based on middle name type.

Form 1 electronic fingerprint card uploads. The electronic fingerprint card file may only be an EFT file. If the Maker uploads electronic fingerprint cards for each Responsible Person named on the application; then the RPs are not required to submit PAPER fingerprint cards with the coversheet.

Ethnicity selection is now available on both the Form 1 and Form 4 Responsible Person train-stop and the Transferee train-stop (when applicant is an individual). This option was not previously available on Trust or Corporation/Legal entity Application options.

Source: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. ATF EForms Enhancements Release - Enhancements to the EForm Platform, Monday November 7th, 7 Nov. 2022.

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