ATF Paperwork Now Being Approved After Government Reopens

Trump Signs Bill Reopening Government for 3 Weeks.  This is good news for applicants who are waiting for their ATF Applications to be approved.  Since the Federal Government has been closed for 35 days, we have seen a standstill in ATF Application approvals.  Today, Monday January 28th, is the first day that the ATF is back at work.  Already we are hearing that ATF applications are being approved as of today.  Our customers are reporting to us that their ATF Form 1 and/or ATF 5320.20 applications are being approved.  We haven't heard of any approved ATF Form 4's as of yet, but that should change now that the ATF is open until at least February 15th.  We should now start to see a wave of ATF application approvals as the ATF examiners are going back to work.  The question still remains on how the 35 days of being closed will affect the backlog of pending applications.  We will keep updating this article, about any news related to the approval of applications, when we receive that information.

Update: January 29:

  • ATF 5320.3 - Form 3's are being processed and sent to dealers and manufacturers.
  • ATF 5320.20 - Form 20's are being processed, mailed and/or emailed to applicants. 

Update: January 30:

  • ATF 5320.2 - Form 2's are being processed and the NFRTR is being updated for NFA items that were manufactured during the Federal Government shutdown
  • ATF 5320.4 - Form 4's are being now processed 

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