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ATF SBR eForm 1 Disapproved - "Incorrect Model". Why?

If you have applied for a tax stamp using the ATF's eForm 1 website and your tax stamp application was disapproved due to "Incorrect Model", then you might have selected the wrong model from the drop down list.  Manufacturers, like Palmetto State Armory, have a multitude of models that can be selected from the drop down list.  We have heard that people will select "AR15" from the drop down and not the actual model name that is engraved on the firearm itself.  The firearm can be an AR15 style firearm, but the model that is selected from the drop down list should match what is engraved on the firearm.  If the model that is selected from the drop down list is not correct, then your application will most likely be disapproved by the ATF.  This means that you will need to reapply using the ATF's eForm website.  It is a good practice to use the "Line Item Summary" that is located to the right to verify that the information that you selected and entered for your firearm are correct.

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