Can you Prefill out an ATF Form 5 for your Heir(s)?

The ATF 5320.5 Application for Tax Exempt Transfer and Registration of Firearm can be used to transfer NFA firearms tax exempt to heirs, when the owner of the NFA firearms pass away.  An heir, an executor of the estate, or a successor trustee might not understand how to complete the ATF Form 5, which parts of the ATF Form 5 need to be completed, necessary information from the NFA firearm, and the applicants information, etc.  Many people will prefill out the ATF Form 5 to aid the heir, executor of the estate of the successor trustee in the event that they pass away.  This is a great way to help your heir, executor of the estate or successor trustee.  But note, the ATF forms are updated every few years, and the prefilled out ATF Form 5 might not be accepted by the ATF, but will be used as an example on how to fill out the ATF Form 5, when that time comes.

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