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Changing States: Do You Need to Re-engrave your Form 1 SBR or Silencer?

You are able to transport and/or permanently relocate your SBR and your NFA gun trust to a different state using the ATF 5320.20.  That is only true if the state that you are transporting and/or permanently relocating the NFA firearms to allows for the NFA firearms that your NFA Gun Trust or that you own.  If you have manufactured any ATF Form 1 or eForm 1 firearms, e.g. SBR or silencer filed under a NFA gun trust, as an individual or legal entity, you are required to engrave applicant information onto the NFA firearm.  What happens however, if you decide to permanently move your ATF Form 1 or eForm 1 NFA firearm(s) to another state?  Will you need to engrave your NFA firearm(s) a second time with the new state information?  The answer is no.  The ATF doesn’t require you to re-engrave or update your engravings to reflect the new state information on your NFA firearm(s).  After your ATF Form 1 or eForm 1 stamp is approved you will need to engrave your NFA firearms.  Once that is completed to the ATF standards no further engraving is required even for permanent moves to other states using the ATF 5320.20 form.  This is true if you also choose to legally transfer your NFA firearm(s) to another NFA gun trust, individual or legal entity.  The initial engraving also, cannot be altered if you chose to legally transfer your NFA firearm(s) to another NFA gun trust, individual, or legal entity.

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