Changing your Name with Approved ATF Form 1, ATF eForm 1 or ATF Form 4

There are many reasons why you might be changing your name and the name that was used to apply for your ATF Form 1, ATF eForm 1, and/or the ATF Form 4.  We won't be discussing those reasons directly; however we will be discussing the process of updating your approved ATF tax stamps.  This process only applies if: the approved tax stamp was approved under an individual application and the individual named in that approved tax stamp is changing their legal name.  If you are using a gun trust and have trustees who have changed their names, then the process would be different.  You would then need to amend your trust paperwork to reflect the name change.  According to the ATF in order to change your legal name on your approved tax stamps, you will be using the ATF 5320.5 Form 5 Paperwork in order to update your previously approved tax stamps.  

ATF 5320.5 Application for Tax Exempt Transfer and Registration of Firearm

ATF 5320.5 Walk-Through Guide ATF Form 5 Generator

Step 1: Start by simply selecting other in Box 1 - Type of Transfer.  In the "Other (Specify)" section you will write, "Legal Name Change".  

Step 2: In Box 2a - Transferee's Name and Address, you will write your new legal name and your address.  

Step 3: In Box 3b -Transferor's Name and Address, you will write your previous legal name and address from your approved tax stamp.

Step 4: The rest of the ATF 5320.5 will be filled out normally, using the information from your approved tax stamp.  

Step 5: You will then submit mail the ATF 5320.5 into the ATF with all of the required paperwork for that application.  You can use the above walk-through guide to help you with that information.  You will also, need to include your name change documents in with your application. 

Step 6: Once you have your approved ATF 5320.5 with your new legal name on that tax stamp, you should keep the previously approved form and the newly approved form.  This is to help alleviate any issues in the future. If you firearm was previously approved on an ATF Form 1 or ATF eForm 1, your firearm will have your previous legal name engraved on it.  Keeping both the previously approved form and the newly approved form will help with any issues that may arise there.  


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