Do you have an FFL and are applying with the ATF Form 1?

ATF 5320.1 Form 1 Guide Update:  If you are applying with as an individual for an ATF Form 5320.1 tax stamp and have an FFL license don't forget to add this FFL information in box 5.  This does include Curio & Relic licenses holders.  The ATF use your FFL information to help process your application faster if you provide this information.  If you have your SOT license enter that information in box 6.  This will help further your application as you are approved with your SOT license.  We have update the ATF 5320.1 Walk-Through Guide with the below information.

5-6. Applicant’s Federal Firearms License. These boxes will be blank for a NFA gun trust.  If you have an FFL and/or SOT license and you are applying as an individual enter that information here.  Add your FFL and/or SOT license numbers, if you are applying as an individual can speed up your approval process. 

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