Do You Need to Engrave your ATF Form 4 SBR/SBR?

When you apply for an ATF Form 1 tax stamp to make or manufacture an SBR/SBS NFA firearm, you are required to engrave the name of the maker on that NFA firearm.  For example: John Smith, Columbia, Missouri for an individual application or John Smith Gun Trust, Columbia, Missouri for a gun trust application.  However, did you need to engrave your applicant information for an SBR/SBS NFA firearm that is already made and transferred using the ATF Form 4 paperwork?  No, the individual applicant, gun trust applicant or legal entity applicant is not required to engrave their information on the SBR/SBS if the SBR/SBS is already made and being transferred using the ATF Form 4 information.  Only when you apply for and make an SBR/SBS using the ATF Form 1 or ATF eForm 1 are you required to engrave your applicant information on the SBR/SBS.  Note:  The SBR/SBS that you are purchasing using the ATF Form 4 may contain the engravings from the maker on the SBR/SBS.  That is normal and shouldn't be removed. 

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