Download Fillable .PDF ATF Form 1

Application to Make and Register a Firearm - Fillable .PDF ATF Form 1


Filling out the ATF Form 1 with the Fillable .PDF version is the easiest way to create an accurate ATF Form 1.  Having a clear and concise ATF Form 1 helps the ATF enter the information when the ATF Form 1 application is received. Below are the links that is the fillable .PDF version of the ATF Form 1 application.  

Some browsers will allow you edit the ATF Form 1 Fillable .PDF within the browser other browsers will require you to download the ATF Form 1 Fillable .PDF to your computer and fill out the document from there.  You can also use our ATF 5320.1 Generator to generate your paperwork without .PDF software.

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