eForm 1 Individual Submission Error - Select FFL Drop Down is Highlighted

We have identified a common error that can happen when an individual is applying for an eForm 1 tax stamp using the ATF's eForm system.  The error is identified with a red "X" on the last page of the eForm 1 application - Summary and Confirm Submission page.  The exact error reads:

"The application has not been validated successfully and has errors. The following section(s) contain errors, click to review and correct.  Applicant, Please answer all questions of Section 13." Shown Below.

ATF eForm 1 Applicant Error

When the individual goes to the Applicant page of the application the error is identified with a red box around the Select FFL dropdown box, shown below.  

ATF eForm1 red box ffl drop down error

This is however a misnomer and not the error.  The error resides within the Maker's Questions section.  You will need to make sure that all of the Answer drop downs are answered.  Typically, the problem is contained in Question 13. D.2. and is related to Question 13. D.1. The thought is if Question 13. D.1. is answered "No" then Question 13. D.2 doesn't need to be answered.  That is not true.  That question in this particular case would need to be changed to "N/A", shown below.  This will clear the error and allow you to proceed with your application. 

ATF eForm1 Question 13 D.2. maker question error.jpg


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