Funding Your NFA Gun Trust Paperwork

What is "funding" your NFA Gun Trust Mean?

Funding your NFA gun trust is the physical process of transferring your assets from yourself to your NFA gun trust.  To do this you will use the assignment sheet that is located within our NFA gun trust to physically transfer your assets from yourself to your NFA gun trust.

What is the Purpose of "funding" your NFA Gun Trust?

Funding your NFA gun trust paperwork is required for your trust to be valid and legal.  An NFA gun trust cannot be created unless the NFA gun trust has trust property.  Our NFA gun trusts can be funded using a title 1 firearm or US currency.  The most common method of funding an NFA gun trust is to use US currency.  When you use the initial NFA gun trust assignments sheet to transfer a Federal Reserve $1 Dollar Bill into the NFA gun trust, you have then funded the NFA gun trust.  This means that the your NFA gun trust is now ready to be used in conjunction with your ATF tax stamp application.  You might have problems if you try to apply for your ATF tax stamp with an NFA gun trust that hasn't been funded.



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