How to Fill Out ATF 5320.20 with a Location that Doesn't Have an Address

UPDATE 2022:  The ATF has canceled the use of coordinates for ATF 5320.20 Forms.

If you are going to be transporting your NFA Firearms to a location that doesn't have an address, you might be wondering how you can fill out the ATF 5320.20 form. Box 7 on the ATF 5320.20 requires to you give the ATF the address where the NFA firearms will be transported to, but without an address this can get confusing.  You might be transporting your NFA firearms to BLM land, ranches, or other areas of the United States that may not have physical addresses.  That is okay, the ATF recommends that instead of an address here, you will need to put the physical coordinates from the area that you are transporting your NFA Firearms to.  With the physical coordinates in Box 7 the ATF can use that information to approve or deny your ATF 5320.20 application.  Please note that if you are transporting your NFA firearms across state lines you need to be aware of the laws, rules and regulations of the state you are transporting to and/or through.    

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