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How to Fix ATF eForm 1 Application Issues - Using the "Ask the Experts" for Help

The ATF eForm 1 has moved to the preferred method to apply for a Form 1 tax stamp.  This is mainly due to the 32 day average approval time for the Form 1 tax stamp.  During the eForm 1 application process you may come across issues that confuse you, disallow you to apply, and even issues after you have applied.  In order to fix these common issues, a few which we have listed below, you will need to use the "Ask the Experts" feature that is located in the upper left of the ATF eForms website.  They will be able to you fix any of the issues that you have with your eForm 1 application.  We have also included a brief ATF eForm 1 "Ask the Experts" walk-through guide. 

Common "Ask the Experts" Issues - Please note that this is not a list of every possible issue, but the most common.

  • "Draft" Watermark on approved eForm 1 applications
  • Issues pertaining to adding a firearm to your application
  • Errors during the application process
  • Errors on the final screen that don't allow you apply
  • Documents that you have uploaded, not appearing in the uploaded files list
  • Passport photo not aligned on your paperwork 

Step by Step Walk-Through Guide for the "Ask the Experts" Feature of the ATF eForm website:

You will first need to locate the "Ask the Experts" button that is located on the main menu on the upper left of the ATF eForms website - View Image Here.

Step 1: Click "Ask the Experts" from the main menu. 

Step 2: Verify that your email address is populated correctly on the request form. 

Step 3: Select the request reason.  If your issue is with your eForm 1 application, then you will select: eForm System Questions. 

Step 4:  Use the blank entry field to write and describe the issue that you are having with the eForm website or the issue that you are having with your eForm application. 

Step 5: Select the Submit Question button to submit your question.  

You should then receive a response from the ATF eForm System Questions expert group shortly.  

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