How to Resend Your PrintScan .EFT File Appointment Email

If you can't find your PrintScan appointment email, you can use the guide below to have your PrintScan .EFT File Appointment email resent to your email address. 

Step 1: Resend Appointment Email

You will start by entering in your appointment email here. You will lastly enter in your Email address and complete the I'm not a robot reCaptha box and click Submit.  If your email address was incorrectly entered when you scheduled your appointment, you will need to create a new appointment to fix your email address. 

Resent EFT File Appointment Email

Step 2: Submit

You will receive a Success pop-up indicating that your appoint email was resent to your email address. You can then check your email for you .EFT File Appointment email.

 Resend EFT File Appointment Email

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