How to Upload Gun Trust to ATF eForm's Account Profile

When you are applying for a tax stamp using the ATF's eForm website with a gun trust, you will need to upload a copy of your gun trust.  Many times, we get questions about where you upload a copy of your gun trust to in your account profile.  The ATF doesn't have a section under your account profile to upload a copy of your gun trust to.  Your gun trust, when applying with a gun trust, will be uploaded to each eForm tax stamp application under the electronic documents section of the eForm tax stamp application. 

ATF instructions from the ATF eForm's application:

When the applicant is a trust, corporation or other legal entity, the applicant must attach documentation establishing the existance and validity of the entity, for eForms done via the Electronic Documents screen.

However, under certain conditions, the applicant may not have to file the documentation. 27 CFR 479.63(c) provides that if the applicant entity has had an application approved as maker or transferee within the preceding 24 months of the date of filing this application and there has been no change to the documentation previously provided, in lieu of filing the documentation, the entity may provide a certification that the information has not been changed since the prior approval and shall identify the application for which the documentation has been previously submitted by form number, serial number, and date approved. If the application wishes to claim this exception, this certificate shall be attached as an electronic document to the application submission.

The system required the applicant to select one of two options from the drop-down in the Document Type field to be able to file the application. The applicant must choose either the 'CORPORATION/TRUST/OTHER LEGAL ENTITY' option and attach the documentation or the '24 MONTH DOCUMENT SUBMISSION EXCEPTION' option and attach a document specifying the reason why no documentation of the existence of the trust, corporation or other legal entity is required.

You can also reference our ATF eForm 1 walk-through guide for more information. 

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