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Multiple ATF Form 4 or ATF Form 1 Submissions - What is Required?

Many people ask when they are submitting multiple ATF Form 4 applications or multiple ATF Form 1 applications, what is required.  Each ATF Form 4 or ATF 1 application, whether you are submitting one or many at one single time needs to be complete.  Meaning each ATF Form 4 or ATF Form 1 application needs to be able to be sent alone and stand alone.  Multiple applications can be sent the ATF together in an envelope, but each application needs to each of the requirements required for that application.  

Meaning, if you submit t ATF Form 4 applications together.  You will need to submit the two ATF Form 4's, 2 ATF 5320.23 forms for each responsible person, one photo card for each responsible person for each application, 2 FD-238 fingerprint cards for each responsible person in both applications ( that is four FD-258 fingerprint cards if you are submitting two applications together), etc.  

This may feel like an inefficiency in the system, but our thoughts are that each application will be filed separately in the ATF's filing system. So they are able to look up each firearm and have all the information needed to find out who owns that firearm.  

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