UPIN VAF Application Walk-Through Guide

To apply for a UPIN, you will need to use the Voluntary Appeal File (VAF). You can apply on paper or by simply using the online eVAF application. 

Apply Online | Paper Application

Apply Online

You can apply to the VAF online via eVAF. During the application process, you will receive an email with an encrypted link and pin to access your application. You must log in to the application at least every 90 days for it to remain active.

Screen 1 VAF Application. You will need to enter in your email address and select VAF from the form drop down menu.  Note: You will be receiving an email with a login link and pin to the email address that you enter on this page.  

UPIN VAF Application Walk-Through Guide - Screen 1

Screen 2 Email Submission Confirmation.

UPIN VAF Application Walk-Through Guide - Email Confirmation

Email Confirmation.  Check your email for your application link and password.  The email will be coming from fbinicsnoreply@services.fbi.gov with subject line VAF Update.

Screen 3 Logging In to the VAF Application. You will click the link that is located in the email that was sent to you.  Once you click the link, you will need to enter in your PIN that was also located in the email, your email address and verify again that you are filling out the VAF form.


UPIN Guide

Screen 4 Completing the eVAF Form. You will need to complete each box that has an asterisk. The boxes are self explanatory but also have a detailed explanation below in the paper application section.  Boxes to be aware of are the Subject Misc Information and the Attachments section. For the Subject Misc Information, you will need to include your identification types and identification numbers here.  For the Attachments section you can upload any documentation that is relevant to your application.  Which may consist of the below:

  • Attorney Release Form
  • Types of Documents Based on Prohibitor
  • Completed FD-258 Fingerprint Cards - A scanned copy of your completed FD-258 Fingerprint Cards can be uploaded in the attachments section.  If you have an .EFT File, you can also convert that into a TIFF File or .PDF File that can be uploaded, as well.  Otherwise a physical card can be mailed in.  The mailing address is below. You would also need to reference your VAF Identifier on the fingerprint card and any additional documentation that you mail. The VAF Identifier will usually start with "AMD" and is located within the email that was sent to you after submitting your application. 

    FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division, National Instant Criminal Background Check System Section
    NICS Functional Support Team
    Post Office Box 4278
    Clarksburg, West Virginia 26302-4278

Once you have completed this form, you can click submit.   

UPIN eVAF Application Screen 5

Post Application. Your application is submitted after you hit submit.  You may need to go back and upload any missing attachments to your application, e.g. scanned fingerprint card.  The fingerprint card can also be physically mailed in (see above step).

If you need to make any changes to your application, you can use the application link and pin that was originally emailed to you to make any changes and upload any extra attachments. 

You can also use the application link and pin to check the status of your application and cancel your application if you need to cancel your application. 

Apply on Paper

You can apply using the paper application.  The paper application would be completed and mailed to the FBI. The .PDF can be downloaded and completed using a .PDF editor.  But note that the Applicant's statement must be physically signed and dated. 

Date of Application. This is the date that you are completing the VAF Application. 

Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Cadence. This your last name, first name, middle name and cadence.  Cadence includes Jr, Sr, II (second), III (third), etc. 

Social Security Number. This is your social security number. 

State of Residence.  This is the state that you reside in. 

Telephone Number.  This is your best telephone contact number. 

Date of Birth - Month, Day, Year. This is our birth date formatted numerically, e.g. 08 02 2023. 

Place of Birth (State). This is your birth state.  Don't include your birth city. 

Sex. This is your sex. 

Race. This is your race. 

Ethnicity. This is your ethnicity. 

Height, Weight, Eyes, Hair.  This is your height, weight, eye color, and hair color. 

Mailing Address (for receiving correspondence).  This is your best contact mailing address.  This may differ from your drivers license, etc.

Alien Registration Number (*mandatory if Country of Citizenship is other than US).  This is your AR, USCIS, or I-94A Number.  If you are an alien, record your U.S.-Issued Alien or Admission Number you will enter that here.

Miscellaneous Numbers (Military ID, Driver’s License). This section is used for miscellaneous identification numbers that you may have. The table has two columns which separates the type of identification from the identification number. 

Missouri Driver's License  867530924
Military ID  8195148

Applicant's Statement. You will need so sign and date this section and is required. If the required signature is absent, the application cannot be processed and will be returned to the applicant.

"I give the information on my VAF application voluntarily with the understanding that if my application is successful, I will be entered into the Voluntary Appeal File (VAF), maintained by the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Section. I understand if at any time I wish to be removed from the VAF, I can make a request in writing to the NICS Section to be removed. I also understand if the NICS Section discovers a disqualifying record after my entry into the VAF, the NICS Section may remove my information from the file.

You will need to physically sign in ink and date these two boxes.

Mailing Instructions:

The application, a set of rolled fingerprints and any supporting documentation would mailed to:

Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Justice Information Services Division
National Instant Criminal Background Check System Voluntary Appeal File
Post Office Box 4278
Clarksburg, WV 26302-4278

Application Notes:

After reviewing the application and fingerprint card and validating the materials submitted by the applicant, the NICS Section will enter successful applicants into the VAF. The applicant will be notified by mail if their application qualifies for entry into the VAF.

Entry into the VAF will not automatically result in a proceed response on subsequent purchases. A complete NICS check is still required and will result in a denial if additional prohibitive information is discovered.

The NICS Section is required to destroy any records submitted to the VAF upon written request of the individual. Additionally, if the NICS Section discovers a disqualifying record on the individual after their entry into the VAF, the NICS Section may remove the individual’s information from the file.

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