What is a Texas Gun Trust?

Are you a gun owner living in the state of Texas trying to protect your title 1 and title 2 NFA firearms and pass them down legally and responsibly?  Then establishing a Texas gun trust might be the solution for you.  Below we explore the benefits of a Texas gun trust.

What is a Texas Gun Trust?

A Texas gun trust is simply a legal entity that allows multiple parties, a.k.a. co-trustees, to possess, transport, store, use and allows the settlor to pass down the title 1 and title 2 NFA firearms to the named beneficiaries in compliance with state and federal transfer laws.

Benefits of a Texas Gun Trust

  1. Privacy: By using a gun trust for your NFA firearms and title 1 firearms, the contents of your gun trust remain private.  You won’t need to send your assignment sheets to the ATF with our Texas gun trusts.  Other Texas gun trusts use schedules that are required to be sent to the ATF.
  2. Flexibility: A gun trust allows for multiple co-trustees (responsible persons) who can possess, transport, store and use the NFA firearms within the gun trust.  You can also, easily remove co-trustees and parities from our Texas gun trusts.
  3. Legal Compliance: With a Texas gun trust, you can make sure that the transfer of firearms complies with both state and federal transfer laws, which helps avoid any issues in the future.
  4. Protection for Heirs: With a gun trust you can easily transfer your NFA firearms and title 1 firearms to your named beneficiaries by using the ATF Form 5 and by abiding by any state or federal transfer laws.
  5. Avoiding Probate: The contents of your Texas gun trust can bypass the probate process, which saves your beneficiaries time and money.

How to Establish a Texas Gun Trust

Setting up a Texas gun trust with our website is a simple process.  You can order our NFA gun trust service from our website.  On the checkout confirmation page, a form will load and we will ask you how you want to create your gun trust.  On this form, you will be able to select Texas and the appropriate county that you want to create the gun trust within.  After the form is completed, the Texas gun trust will be emailed to you in a .PDF format that you can print.  Lastly, you will need to have the printed declaration of trust notarized, signed and dated, in order to execute the Texas gun trust.

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