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What to do if your CLEO Copy/ATF Copy of ATF eForm 1 Photo is Sideways

What do you do if your CLEO Copy/ATF Copy of ATF eForm 1 Photo is Sideways when you are applying using the ATF eForm 1 system?  After you have submitted your plastic card payment and signed your ATF eForm 1 application, the ATF will email you your ATF and CLEO copies of your ATF eForm 1, alongside your application control sheet.  If your digital passport photo is shown sideways on your application, you might be wondering if your application will have an issue.  But don't worry.  According to the ATF's "Ask the Experts" option, "In some cases the orientation of the photo is changed by the system, this will not affect your application and even if you were to reapply it is common for them to upload the same way anyways."  This means that your application won't have any issues of being approved or disapproved due to the incorrect orientation of your digital passport photo.  Please, note that if you have applied for your ATF eForm 1 tax stamp using a NFA gun trust or legal entity, then you won't see your photo on the ATF eForm 1 paperwork that the ATF emails you.  They will digitally attach the digital passport photos of the responsible persons named within your NFA gun trust or legal entity on the submitted ATF 5320.23 forms. 

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