What to Name Your NFA Gun Trust?

What should you name your NFA Gun Trust.  Let's start with the characters that can be used to make your trust name.  You can use the 26 letters in the English alphabet, the numerals 0 through 9, hyphens and ampersands, which is the symbol for “and.”  All other characters and symbols aren't allowed.  If you want to use a symbol you will need to spell it out.  Here are few symbols to spelling examples, @ as “at”, + as “plus”, or % as “percent.”  Now that we have discussed the actual characters that you can use to create your NFA Gun Trust name, we can then talk about the ATF Form 1 or the ATF eForm 1 engraving requirements.  If you are going to use your NFA Gun Trust to legally purchase a silencer on a ATF Form 4 then you won't be required to engrave anything on the NFA Firearm.  But if you in the future want to manufacture a silencer or make a SBR/SBS, you will however be required to engrave the name of the trust on that firearm.  This means that a trust name that is, "Randy Stephen Murphy's Family 2nd Amendment Gun Trust", might not be the most practical, if you ever plan on applying for a ATF Form 1 or ATF eForm 1 tax stamp.  A more practical name that you can engrave on your NFA firearm in the future might be, "Murphy Family Gun Trust", "Murphy Gun Trust", "RSM Family Gun Trust", etc.  The most common names that we see when our customers are creating their NFA Gun Trust names are their last name, or another derivative of their name to create "the name of their trust, e.g. "Murphy Gun Trust", "RSM Gun Trust, Randy Murphy Gun Trust, etc. Both of the last two example sets allows for a short named to be engraved on a NFA Firearm that you manufacture or make in the future. Taking all of the above the name of your trust can be anything that you decide, as long as you use the allowed characters.  The word "Trust" will also be included in your trust name.  But you might want to think about a NFA Gun Trust name is that isn't considerably long in length because you will need to engrave the trust name on ATF Form 1 NFA Firearms that your NFA Gun Trust makes.

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