When is the $200 Payment taken by the ATF for eForm 1 Applications?

When you are applying for a tax stamp to make an NFA Firearm, you can use the ATF eForm 1 application.  When you apply using the ATF's eForm 1 application you will need to submit the $200 payment on the last screen of the eForm 1 application using a plastic card (e.g. credit card or debit card).  But is the $200 payment taken immediately or does the ATF take the payment when your application is officially submitted?  The payment is taken by the ATF as soon as you complete the payment screen.  This is required in order to submit your application to the ATF.  If you applied using the ATF's Form 1 paper application, the same is true.  Your $200 tax payment is charged before your ATF Form 1 paper application moves to the next step.

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