2024 ATF National Canine Division Planner is Now Available

2024 ATF National Canine Division Planner

ATF’s National Canine Division is the leading federal authority for explosives and accelerant detection canines for law enforcement and military organizations. These K-9s take on high-risk law enforcement operations, including bomb, arson, explosives and gun investigations.

ATF recognizing the tireless work of these pups with the free 2024 ATF National Canine Division Planner. It features some of ATF's beautiful, intelligent K-9s!

Order your copy today!

To order the planner:

  1. Go to the Distribution Center Order Form page.
  2. Enter the required information (name, address, etc.).
  3. Select the “Miscellaneous” box under “Which types of documents would you like to order?”
  4. Select “M3322.2 - 2024 National Canine Division Planner.”
  5. Enter your requested quantity.
  6. Select “Preview Order.”
  7. If all the information is correct, select the “Submit” button. (If not, select “Go back” and make any necessary changes.)

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