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Utah State NFA Rules and Allowable NFA Items

Utah is a state that respects the right of gun owners to own all types of firearms, including NFA weapons. The only restriction on NFA items is for minors (under 18). However, a minor may possess an NFA item if their parent or guardian is present. In addition, a legally owned suppressor may be used while hunting in Utah.

Possession of NFA Items by a minor:
76-10-509.4. Prohibition of possession of certain weapons by minors.
(1) A minor under 18 years of age may not possess a handgun.
(2) Except as provided by federal law, a minor under 18 years of age may not possess the following:
     (a) a short barreled rifle or short barreled shotgun; or
     (b) a fully automatic weapon.
   (3) Any person who violates Subsection (1) is guilty of:
     (a) a class B misdemeanor upon the first offense; and
     (b) a class A misdemeanor for each subsequent offense.
   (4) Any person who violates Subsection (2) is guilty of a third degree felony.
Amended by Chapter 301, 2013 General Session

Legal Disclaimer:

This information is provided as a service to the public. It is NOT intended as legal advice and should never be considered as such. This information was up to date at the time of publication.

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