Cost of a Texas Gun Trust

Our Texas Gun Trust's are a flat fee of $59.95.  Our Texas Gun Trust's are created and emailed to you within a few mintues of being purhased.  After your Texas Gun Trust is emailed to you, our highly experienced and knowledgeable team will review your gun trust to ensure that is is correct and ready to be notarized. Our goal is to go above and beyond the other NFA Gun Trusts providers and NFA Gun Trust lawyers that may exist.

What does the Texas Gun Trust service cover?

  • All NFA Gun Trusts are Personally REVIEWED by our team.
  • FREE Rush Service. All NFA Gun Trusts are delivered in less than 5 minutes.
  • PRIVACY: Only send the ATF/SOT dealer your initial trust contribution, not additional assignment sheets.
  • FREE changes can be made to your NFA Gun Trust for Life, no hidden costs.
  • Email/Phone Consultation about the ATF Paperwork and Trust Processes.
  • FREE ATF Paperwork Generators for ALL ATF Paperwork - ATF Form 1 Generator, ATF Form 4 Generator, ATF Form 5 Generator, ATF 5320.20 Generator, ATF 5320.23 Generator
  • Includes Trust Contribution Form, a.k.a., Memorandum of Contribution.
  • Remove Co-Trustee on a Specific Date, a.k.a, Short-term co-trustees
  • Language to Extend your Trust, as Long as Possible and Perpetual IF your State allows for Perpetual Trusts
  • No Annual Fees Involved with Your NFA Gun Trust
  • Usable and Approved for use in all 50 States and State Specific.
  • No Limit on your Co-Trustees - Multiple Co-Trustees, Multiple Beneficiaries.
  • NFA Gun Trust Amendments are included to add/remove co-trustees, etc.
  • 24 Month NFA Gun Trust Approval Guarantee.
  • FREE Walk-Through Guides for ATF Paperwork * See Below for Links
  • No CLEO Signatures Required
  • Can be used for non-NFA item collections too.
  • Our NFA Gun Trusts are ATF 41F Compliant
  • Customer Support via Email, Phone, or Reddit
  • Includes FREE Certification of Trust.
  • No Limit on the Amount of NFA Firearms that can be transferred into the NFA Gun Trust 
  • Beneficiaries Can Serve Concurrently or in Succession

 *ATF Paperwork Walk-Through Guides:

We also include free, our verbose walk-through guides for the ATF Paperwork that is required to apply for your tax stamp.  In our ATF paperwork walk-through guides, we go line by line in the below forms and break it down for you.  We also offer ATF Paperwork consultation services if you would like to have your paperwork professionally reviewed. 

 *ATF Paperwork Walk-Through Guides and ATF Paperwork Video Walk-Through Guides:

ATF Paperwork Walk-Through Guides ATF Paperwork Video Walk-Through Guides
ATF Form 1 5320.1 Walk-Through Guide ATF Form 1 5320.1 Video Walk-Through Guide
ATF eForm 1 5320.1 Walk-Through Guide *COMING SOON*
ATF Form 4 5320.4 Walk-Through Guide ATF Form 4 5320.4 Video Walk-Through Guide
ATF Form 5 5320.5 Walk-Through Guide ATF Form 5 5320.5 Video Walk-Through Guide
ATF Form 5320.23 Walk-Through Guide ATF Form 5320.23 Video Walk-Through Guide
ATF Form 5320.20 Walk-Through Guide ATF Form 5320.20 Video Walk-Through Guide


When you use our ATF approved Texas Gun Trust with our ATF Paperwork walk-through guides, you will have everything you need to submit your ATF paperwork to the ATF for your Tax Stamp.  

We go above and beyond the competition.  We are available by email and phone 7 days a week and after the other companies close at night.  Do you have a question about our NFA Gun Trusts or your NFA Gun Trust at 8pm on a Sunday?  That isn't a problem, our team is here to help you, and we don't charge you at all for that service, unlike NFA Gun Trust lawyers who charge you by the minute to talk to them or their staff.  When you package up everything we offer, we feel that you are getting a value that is worth much more than our $59.95 price for our NFA Gun Trusts.  Why do we do this?  Because our main goal is to help you with your NFA Gun Trusts and to make sure you have everything you need to fill out your ATF Paperwork in a timely manner.  We are your trusted NFA Gun Trust provider for many years.  And we plan on staying your trusted NFA Gun Trust provider. 


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