Approved ATF eForm 1 with "Draft" Watermark Fix

Since the ATF eForm 1 system was opened again, many people choose this method of applying for a Form 1 tax stamp.  The main reason for this is the approval time for the eForm 1 system averages around 32 days after you apply, versus 7 to 12 months for the paper Form 1.  After your eForm 1 tax stamp is approved you will get a copy of your ATF eForm 1 emailed to you.  We are hearing that some approved eForm 1 tax stamps that are being emailed still have the "Draft" watermark on the approved eForm 1 tax stamp.   This can cause confusion because your eForm 1 tax stamp is approved, yet the there is a "Draft" watermark on it.  In order to fix this, you will need to use the "Ask the Experts" button in the eForm website.  This button is located in the upper left next to "Home", "My Profile", and "FAQ".  From their you can request a new copy of your eForm 1 tax stamp that doesn't have the "Draft" watermark on your tax stamp.  The ATF will be able to resend you a new approved eForm 1 with that watermark removed.  This is not a common issue, but we are still hearing a very limited approved eForm 1 tax stamps having this issue.


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