ATF 5320.23 File Format for ATF eForm 1 Application

When applying using the ATF eForm 1 tax stamp application as a gun trust applicant, you will need to upload a signed copy of your ATF 5320.23 to your ATF eForm 1 tax stamp application.  When you scan your ATF 5320.23 back into your computer you may have the options to scan your ATF 5320.23 in multiple file formats: GIF, BMP, DOCX, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, etc.  The correct format that is required on the ATF eForm 1 website is the .PDF format.  You may need to change your scanner settings to scan your ATF 5320.23 into your computer in the .PDF format.  Other scanners may default to that file type.  But note that you should be using the .PDF format setting.  It is also worth noting that the file upload limitations for your scanned .PDF for the ATF's eForm 1 website is 3mb.  If your ATF 5320.23 is larger than 3mb in size, you may need to further change your scanner settings to create a .PDF that is less than 3mb in size.

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