ATF Announces ATF eForm 1 .EFT File Acceptance

In the ATF's latest ATF eForms Enhancement Release, an enhancement that will soon be active will be the accpetance of .EFT files for ATF eForm 1 applications.  This will alleviate the need to mail the ATF physical fingerprint cards and the cover sheet and hopefully make for a faster approval time.  

"Form 1 electronic fingerprint card uploads. The electronic fingerprint card file may only be an EFT file. If the Maker uploads electronic fingerprint cards for each Responsible Person named on the application; then the RPs are not required to submit PAPER fingerprint cards with the coversheet."

.EFT files can be created using our .EFT Fingerprint File Service.  Simply order our .EFT Fingerprint File Service and we will contact you during business hours to schedule your appointment at participating UPS Stores.  After your appointment is completed, your file will be emailed to you that can be used for ATF eForm 4 and ATF eForm 1 tax stamp applications. 

Source: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. ATF EForms Enhancements Release - Enhancements to the EForm Platform, Monday November 7th, 7 Nov. 2022.

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