ATF eForm 1/ ATF Form 1 with No Model Name

When applying for an ATF eForm 1 or ATF Form 1 tax stamp application you will need to include information from the firearm in order to apply for a tax stamp e.g., manufacturer, caliber, serial number, model name/number.  What if your firearm doesn't have a model number like a Wilson Combat lower receiver?  What model do you use on your ATF eForm 1/ATF Form 1, ATF 5320.23?  You would in that case leave the model field blank.  You can further help support the no model name/number by uploading a photo of the manufacturers engraving on your ATF eForm 1 or including this with your ATF Form 1 application.  This will help the ATF verify that there is in fact no model name/number.

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