ATF eForm 1 Attempting to Release Form 1 Pending Research Error

The ATF may encounter an issue releasing your ATF eForm 1 application from the pending research status.  This can happen and the ATF examiner will send you an email that may look like the example here.  In order for the ATF to fix the issue and release your ATF eForm 1 application from the pending research status, you will need to create a duplicate application.  It is worth noting that you don't need to pay again, but just need to check the certify box and click save.  The last step is to reply to your examiner with the new Form ID # from the duplicate form.  The examiner will then transfer the $200 from your previous application to your new application.  At this point your examiner will email you once this has been completed.  Lastly, you can then click sign and submit on your duplicate form for processing.  This should fix the issue on the ATF's side of your application and the ATF can proceed to release your application from the pending research status. 

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