ATF eForm 1 Gun Trust Upload Issues on Electronic Documents Page

You will need to upload a copy of your gun trust to the ATF's eForm website when applying for a tax stamp using the ATF eForm 1 website.  On Page 6 or screen 6, you may find that the ATF's website doesn't allow you to upload your scanned gun trust.  The website might appear to be uploading your gun trust, but doesn't show the uploaded gun trust in the table.  One solution that we have found to help fix this is to upload your passport photo that you uploaded on page 3 on this page.  You will choose your passport photo from the choose file field.  The document type will be photograph.  The description box in this application can be left blank and then click add.  After your passport photo is added to the table, you can then try to choose file for your gun trust and upload your gun trust again.  This has worked in cases where the gun trust will fail to upload.  Once your gun trust is uploaded and added to the table, you can click the red "x" next to your photograph to delete the photograph or you can leave the uploaded photograph there.

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