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ATF eForm 1 Silencer Model Name Options

Applying for an ATF eForm 1 silencer has become more popular due to the approval time average being around 32 days.  You can use our NFA Approval Tracker to see the current average ATF wait times for ATF Form 1 paperwork here.  When you are manufacturing your own Form 1 silencer you will need to designate a model name and a serial number of your choosing.  For your Form 1 silencer you can create a model name of your choosing.  You should however, try to avoid using a model naming schema that is already used by major manufacturers.  You are also able to use "N/A" for your model number.  This would indicate to the ATF that you don't have a model number for your Form 1 silencer.  If you choose to use the "N/A" model number, you aren't required to engrave "N/A" on your Form 1 silencer, but you will still need to engrave your applicant information and the serial number that you have created.  In summation, you can decide on the model name and the serial number for your Form 1 silencer.

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