ATF eForm Incorrect Zip and County Combination when Applying for a Tax Stamp

If you are applying for a tax stamp using the ATF's eForm website, you may encounter an issue with the county dropdown if you reside close to county lines.  Your actual county might be listed from the drop down and the drop down is automatically selected in some cases.  If you do encounter this issue, you can contact the ATF using the Ask the Experts form to have your zip code and county combination added to the zip code reference table.  

After the county and zip code reference table is updated by the ATF. You will go into your “My Profile” and delete your zip code, then type it back in.  The proper information should display in the dropdowns.  Note: Some users have reported that even after following this procedure the correct county is “blanked-out” on the my profile screen.  The ATF eForms team is investigating this issue and hope to have it corrected soon.  While it may be “blanked-out” on the profile screen when you go to create a form it will show the correct zip code.

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