ATF eForm's .EFT Upload Error

We have been getting reports in early March that ATF eForm users are experiencing issues uploading .EFT Files. The error affects individual applicants and gun trust applicants. 

When you upload your .EFT File, your .EFT File will upload successfully and you can continue applying for your tax stamp application.  However, if you return to Screen 4 - Responsible Persons page and open up your responsible person specific page, you will receive the below error and the .EFT File box will be blank and doesn't show the uploaded .EFT File. 

ERROR - Message: There was an error.  Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact your system administrator. 

There is no fix to issue as of yet.  We have received reports that this error doesn't affect submission and ultimately approval of the application.  The ATF doesn't have a fix implementated as of this posting. 

ATF eForm's .EFT Upload Error

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