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ATF Requesting Serial or Model Engraving Photos for your Tax Stamp Application

When you are applying for either an ATF eForm 1, ATF Form 1, ATF Form 4 or an ATF Form 5 you will need to denote the manufacturer, model and the serial number for the NFA firearm on the aforementioned application.  If the manufacturer, model and/or the serial number is question by the ATF, then they will send you a paper correction letter and/or email requesting a photo or photos of the engravings located on the NFA firearm that you are trying to register.  This can be due to you transcribing the information incorrectly, the ATF having a different format for your serial or model number, the ATF questioning the serial or model number, or various other reasons.  This is normal and can happen during the ATF approval process for your ATF Application.  The correction letter should indicate how the ATF wants to receive the photo of the manufacturer, model or serial number engravings that are in question.  Generally speaking, they will ask you to email them into the examiner that is working on your application.  After the ATF receives and verifies the engravings, they may have you update your application or they may update your application depending on you applied for your tax stamp.  Lastly, your application will continue to be processed through the ATF. 

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