ATF Tax Stamp Approval Timeline After Correction Letter Was Sent

We hear horror stories from the NFA subreddit r/NFA about ATF Tax stamps being delayed due to correction letters that their FFL/SOT dealer neglected to mention or notify the applicant of. This is not a common reason why your ATF tax stamp still has a pending status, but still is worth noting and discussing.  When you purchase a Title 2 firearm or a Class 3 NFA firearm that is being transferred from a dealer, then all of the communication for you application from the ATF is sent to the FFL/SOT dealer that is conducting the transfer.  The FFL/SOT dealer that receives your ATF paperwork correction should contact the you, so the changes can be made and sent back to the ATF. However, the FFL/SOT dealer that received your ATF correction letter might misplace your paperwork, file the ATF correction letter in the wrong folder, and other reasons may delay you being contacted about your ATF correction letter. Ensuring that the FFL/SOT dealer that is conducting your transfer has your most up to date contact information will also help you if your FFL/SOT dealer does receive a correction letter from the ATF in regards to your application.  The easiest way to check the status of your application is to call the ATF and inquire about the status of your application.  They will inform you of your status and let you know if a correction letter was sent.  The ATF contact information is below. If you do call the ATF to inquire about your application make sure you have your serial number, name of the applicant - individuals name, gun trust name, or legal entity name, and the ATF might ask for the name of your FFL/SOT dealer’s name. 

National Firearms Act (NFA) Branch Contact Information:

National Firearms Act (NFA) Branch
Voice: (304) 616-4500
244 Needy Road
Martinsburg, West Virginia 25405 

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