How to Setup a Texas Gun Trust

Setting up and creating a Texas Gun Trust is less complicated than you might think.  Gun trusts are used typically in conjunction with NFA firearms, e.g., silencers, short barreled rifles, machine guns, etc.  Using a gun trust with your tax stamp application allows you to add other responsible persons besides yourself who can possess, transport, store and use the NFA firearms that are approved within the gun trust.  Also, it makes it easier for you to pass down your firearms to the named beneficiaries when the settlor passes away. 

Step 1:  Purchase your Texas Gun Trust

You can purchase your Texas Gun Trust on our website or here on National Gun Trusts.  On the checkout confirmation page, a form will load and we will ask you how you want to create your Texas Gun Trust. This includes, the trust name,  your name, county/state where you want to create your gun trust at, co-trustee(s) information (this isn't required), successor trustee's information and lastly your beneficiary's information.  Once the checkout form is completed, we will email you your gun trust. 

Step 2: Review your Texas Gun Trust

After receiving your email with your gun trust, you will want to review the trust to make sure the names of the parties and your trust name is correct.  We will also review your gun trust, as well for common mistakes and spelling errors. Any corrections that need to be made can be sent to us by email and we can revise your gun trust before you print your gun trust. 

Step 3: Print your Texas Gun Trust

The second to last step, would be to simply print out your gun trust.

Step 4: Notarize your Texas Gun Trust

The printed gun trust will need to be notarized, signed and dated in order to be executed.  Common locations for notaries are: UPS Stores, Banks, Staples Stores, FEDEX Stores, Office Depot Stores, etc. 

Step 5:  Use your Texas Gun Trust

The executed gun trust can now be used in conjunction with your tax stamp applications for any NFA firearm that you are making (ATF Form 1) or purchasing (ATF Form 4). 

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