ATF Engraving Requirements for NFA Firearms - Short-Barreled Rifle or Shotgun (SBS/SBR)

What are the engraving requirements for NFA Firearms?  We look at the ATF Law - ATF 5300.4 in 27 CFR 479.102 (page 92) describes what is necessary to engrave on a NFA Firearm: SBR or SBS when you are the one who is manufacturing the NFA firearm. This is not necessary if you purchase one that is already manufactured as it will have been done for you.  If a NFA Gun Trust is applying for this SBR you will need to include the information about the trust, see C) and D).

1) On the Frame or Receiver the Serial number;

2) on the frame, receiver, or barrel the following additional information;

   A)The model;

   B)The caliber or gage;

   C)Your name or name of the Trust in the case of a Trust (no abbreviations are permitted for the Trust name);

   D)The city and state (you can abbreviate the state with the official 2 digit state code)

The above mentioned information must be engraved, casted, stamped (impressing) or otherwise conspicuously placed or caused to be engraved, cast, stamped (impressed) or placed to a minimum depth of .003 inch and in a print size of the Serial number shall be no smaller than 1/16 inch.

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