Building a Silencer with the ATF Form 1: Do You Need to Submit Silencer Schematics?

There are two ways that you can apply for a tax stamp for a silencer.  You can use the ATF Form 4 for an already manufacturer silencer.  But if you want to manufacture or make your own silencer you will need to use the ATF Form 1 or the ATF eForm 1.  When you apply with the ATF Form 1 or the ATF eForm 1 application you might wonder what is required for that application to manufacture or make a silencer.  You aren't required to submit the design schematics for your silencer build.  However you can, this is up to you.  What is required is the model designation, the caliber, the serial number that you have created and the length of the silencer.  If however, during the build process your silencer the length changes you can send a letter to the ATF denoting that the length has changed.  They will add that your tax stamp information.

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