Can you Use a Silencer for Multiple Firearms?

After your tax stamp is approved for your silencer you are able to make your silencer in the case of a ATF Form 1 silencer or take ownership of your silencer if you applied using the ATF Form 4.  Your silencer is made for one specific caliber, but can it only be used on one firearm or that specific caliber only?  You can use your silencer on any firearm that you own.  You can also use your silencer on other calibers firearms that are different than your silencer.  The listed caliber on your approved tax stamp is the largest caliber that you can use your silencer for.  Smaller calibers that can accept the silencer can be used.  For example, a .45 ACP silencer can be used on a firearm that is chambered in 9mm, or smaller. 

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