Do I Need a ATF 5320.20 for Every State on the Way to the Destination?

With an approved ATF 5320.20 you don't need to notify every state that you travel through on your trip.  You will need an approved ATF 5320.20 for the destination state and address.  If you will be using the NFA firearms in different locations within the destination state, then you would need multiple ATF 5320.20's, one for each location. For example, if your NFA firearm is in Texas and the destination state is Arizona, you won't need to get an approved ATF 5320.20 to travel through New Mexico.  Note: Silencers and AOW NFA firearms don't require the ATF 5320.20 to travel to states that allow for them.  You will want to contact the ATF to make sure you are allowed to travel within a state that doesn't allow for that NFA firearm if your route includes a state that doesn't allow for NFA firearms or the NFA firearm that you are transporting.

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