Do You Need Multiple ATF 5320.20 Forms for Multiple Locations?

The ATF Form 20 or the ATF 5320.20 Application to Transport NFA firearms is used when you are transporting your NFA firearms across state lines.  If you are taking your NFA firearms to multiple locations in other states, are you required to submit one ATF 5320.20 or do need to submit multiple ATF 5320.20 forms?  The answer is according to the ATF, you will need to submit multiple ATF 5320.20 forms.  If you are traveling with your NFA firearms to another state, but are traveling to multiple locations.  For example, you are transporting your NFA firearms from Florida to Texas, but you are going to be going to a few ranges, a hunt, etc, you will need to submit an ATF 5320.20 form for each address that you will be transporting your NFA firearms to.  If you are going to be making frequent trips from the registered tax stamp state to another state that allows NFA firearms, you can chose a date range of up to one year on the ATF 5320.20.  This will allow you to reduce the amount of ATF 5320.20's that you would need to submit if you will be frequently traveling to that location.  Please note that if you are transporting your NFA firearms across state lines you need to be aware of the laws, rules and regulations of the state you are transporting to and/or through.    

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